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technical resume tips

9 Tips for Writing a Technical Resume

Posted Sep 16, 2014 @ 15:23 Like any specialized industry, writing a resume for a career in IT isn’t necessarily as straightforward as it sounds. We see tons of resumes—good, bad, and ugly—every day here at Pinpoint, so we’ve decided

google glass wearable technology

Wearable Technology: The Cutting Edge of the Tech Industry

We work heavily in the mobile space here at Pinpoint, and we’ve noticed there’s been a lot of hype recently about the rise of wearable technology, thanks mostly in part to the publicity surrounding Google Glass. In fact, Google and

science drone jobs

The Future of the Tech Industry? Drone Jobs.

With so many technological advancements in the field of pilotless aircraft, UAVs (“Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” better known as drones) are poised to play a much larger part in the business model of a variety of different industries, as well as