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Consulting & Contracting

Temporary staffing needs and industry expertise. Pinpoint has years of business experience and our intimate relationship with clients helps us know what you actually need, not what you think you do. No matter your size—we’ve consulted and contracted for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies—you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Pinpoint.


When you’re looking for a specific person to meet your longer-term staffing needs. Many businesses start by posting an opening on a job board and quickly find themselves inundated by hundreds of resumes from poorly qualified candidates. Pinpoint’s recruiter’s help organizations understand what they’re looking for, sift through the candidates and find the right candidate.

Payroll Services

Professional payroll management for temporary resources. Pinpoint allows you to provide benefits, salary and more without the legal risk of long-term employment. Pinpoint understands the value of their consultants and contractors. To maintain the best talent, Pinpoint provides premier service.